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Bicycle Commuting is a great way to cut down on auto emissions along with increasing daily physical activity. Access to bicycle parking and changing rooms is available at no charge and on a first come first serve basis. *Please ensure your bike is securely locked as we are not responsible for any damage or loss due to theft.

Businesses can engage their employees and customers by becoming a Bicycle-Friendly Business. The Bicycle Friendly America program provides a roadmap, hands-on assistance and recognition for businesses making bicycling a real transportation and recreation option for all people.

Bike-Safety is Essential - Follow the Five Rules of the Road to prepare you for safe and fun bicycling, no matter where you're riding:

  1. Follow the Law -
    • You have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers. Obey traffic signals and stop signs. Ride with traffic; use the rightmost lane headed in the direction you are going.
  2. Be Predictable -
    • Make your intentions clear to everyone on the road. Ride in a straight line and don’t swerve between parked cars. Signal turns and check behind you well before turning or changing lanes.
  3. Be Conspicuous -
    • Ride where people can see you and wear bright clothing. Use a front white light, red rear light and reflectors when visibility is poor. Make eye contact with others and don’t ride on sidewalks.
  4. Think Ahead -
    • Anticipate what drivers, pedestrians, and other people on bikes will do next. Watch for turning vehicles and ride outside the door zone of parked cars. Look out for debris, potholes, and other road hazards. Cross railroad tracks at right angles.
  5. Ride Ready -
    • Check that your tires are sufficiently inflated, brakes are working, chain runs smoothly, and quick release levers are closed. Carry tools and supplies that are appropriate for your ride. Wear a helmet.

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Carpooling is encouraged as another great way to decrease automotive emissions, reduce traffic and keep the air clean. Carpooling can save money on commuting costs as well as wear and tear on your vehicle.

Commuter Connections offers resources for commuters including a ridesharing program, which helps workers that live and work in the same area find each other, and the Guaranteed Ride Home Program, which provides commuters with a FREE and reliable ride home when unexpected emergencies arise.

Rideshare Tuesday's is a new effort in the Washington metropolitan region to encourage carpooling once a week. Try it and make it a regular part of your routine.

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Public Transportation

Many JBP Properties are built around public transit stations. Visit the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) website to plan your commute using a combination of walking, Metrorail and/or Metrobus.

Visit the WMATA Commuter Tips page to learn tips on how to navigate the Metro system during rush hour.

In addition to Metrobus and Metrorail there are many other public transportation options in the DC Metropolitan area that can be utilized.

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Sustainable Commuting Plan

Despite alternative options car use for commuting continues to grow leading to ever increasing levels of congestion on the roads, greenhouse gas emissions, and lost productivity. Sustainable commuting plans are a common way for employers to facilitate transportation choices by offering employees a package of measures to encourage and support more sustainable travel patterns among staff, clients, and other visitors.

Many businesses have found that providing incentives that make an employee’s commute to work easier benefits both the employee and the company. Incentives may cost very little or nothing at all.

Here are a few examples of some of the incentives you can provide to your employees:

  • Have Transit Schedules, Rideshare, and Guaranteed Ride Home Information Available to Employees -
    • Just having bus and rail information at the work site can be a tremendous help to employees, especially for those who do not use transit regularly. You never know when an employee may have to take their car in for repairs or when the area will get hit by a snowstorm. Having transit information available means employees can easily use other commuting options when they cannot use their own vehicle.
  • Preferential Parking for Carpools & Vanpools -
    • Reserve the parking spaces closest to the door as an incentive for carpools and vanpools. If employees must pay for parking, offer a free space for carpools and vanpools.
  • Host a Commuting Information Day -
    • Commuter Connections staff will come to your office and set up an information table in your lobby, cafeteria, or other high-activity area. This allows employees to ask questions and receive information about their specific commute.
  • Provide Equitable Parking & Transit Incentives -
    • If your company offers free or reduced parking rates for employees, why not offer comparable incentives for employees who use transit? Give employees a choice between the parking incentive and the transit incentive. You may even save money by offering a transit incentive.
    • WAMTA's SmartBenefits is the easy way to offer a transit incentive. If you lease parking space, you may even save money by offering a transit incentive. Employers can also load the value of employee’s tax-free commute benefit onto a SmarTrip card through the SmartBenefits program.

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