Rules & Regulations

JBP Property is committed to providing quality office space managed with professionalism and an experienced eye for detail. Your help in meeting these standards is greatly appreciated. The following common-sense rules protect everyone and are intended as a broad outline only. See your lease for a more specific enumeration of tenant obligations:

  1. Please do not block the halls, courts, elevators, and other public spaces or use them for any purpose other than traveling to and from your office. This rule includes storage of freight, merchandise, displays or showcases in any common area used by people outside your own firm.
  2. Please do not alter the exterior appearance of the building by installing signs, advertisements, notices or other graphics on exterior walls, or interior surfaces visible from outside, without prior permission. Similarly, electrical fixtures hung in offices or other spaces along the perimeter of the building, which affect its exterior appearance, must be fluorescent of a color and type previously approved in writing by Building Management.
  3. Interior signs on doors and any directory tablet shall be of a size, color, and style acceptable to Building Management.