Street Closure
Market Street Closed until further notice... use other route.
Alert expires on September 01, 2014 at 11:59 PM

Green Tip of the Month- JULY
“Green purchasing” can make a difference! “Green purchasing” means purchasing products that help conserve resources, save energy and prevent waste. Three easy ways to buy “Green”: 1.) Buy Durable Products – instead of buying disposable products, buy things that last a long time, such as rechargeable batteries & reusable mugs; 2.) Avoid excess packaging – look for products that have less packaging or buy in bulk – you’ll have less to discard/recycle; and 3.) Buy energy-efficient items – look for the Energy Star logo when buying electronics. Why does “Green purchasing” make a difference? It sends a strong message to companies that its consumers care about the environment and will use their purchasing power to support companies with a similar philosophy. For more tips, visit the EPA site: www.epa.gov

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